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This was made from aluminum and brass tubing, 3D printed ABS plastic, clear blue 5mm leds, arduino trinket pro, 350mah lipo battery, and a crystal. This build took me 2 months to complete and you can watch a video on it on Youtube  topside 

Russian cameras literature on them is hard to find. Although I did find a catalog of cameras from 1840-1991 and a repair manual for the majority of the cameras with technical drawings. I printed my own copies and bound them.  enlarge     topside

The signatures are hand sewn and the case is all hand made. The cover is cloth and the titles are gold leafed.  topside 

This a model car shot with the Speedlight 420ex in a 2 foot soft box and a large silver reflector. Canon 10D and 50mm f1.8 lens.  enlarge     topside

This illustration was inspired by Hand sketched graphite on card stock, then scanned into Photoshop for color. 11x17" at 300dpi, lots of texture was added utilizing filters.  enlarge     topside

This is a Munny from Kidrobot, that I customized to look like a Fender guitar. It's acrylic paint on vinyl, and the hat is removable.  enlarge     topside

See the hat does come off.  enlarge     topside

This is a 24"x32" 300dpi hand rendered digital illustration. I created the outline in Illustrator, then used my Wacom tablet in Photoshop to draw in all of the graphics.  enlarge     topside